Langsdom Delta - Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Earbuds

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About the THETA

Introducing Langsdom Theta - the ultimate gaming earbuds for true esports enthusiasts! With ENC + HD MIC for crystal clear sound and the ability to switch between game and music modes, these earbuds elevate your gaming experience. Plus, the dazzling RGB lighting adds a touch of style and flair. Stand out on the battlefield with Langsdom Theta!





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6 hours

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Pretty good headphones

These work pretty well for our son. In terms of being high-end headphones, they are not that so I didn‘t rate them on that scale. In terms of usage etc, its a little clumsy for me, but my son seems to like them! For the price, great buy

Jay Day
Good sound

These are some good headphones. The sound great and fit in my ears well. They hold a good charge for a while and look really cool. I really like the case and they look kinda futuristic. They arnt very expensive which is nice. Great product!

Great for talking on the phone

I haven‘t used these for gaming only to talk on the phone and listen to music so that's what my review will be based on. These are my first earphones like this. So far I like them. I use one at a time so I save battery. I like the design it's very neat. However, i'm still trying to figure out the buttons on the headphones themselves because I find myself hanging up the phone or skipping songs on accident. The sound quality has been really good, even on conversations, according to my best friend that I asked on the other end. I'm not sure how they'll be if I was to use them to listen to music to workout because they do fall out of my ear but that could just be a error on my part.

Diana & Troy
Really Good Quality Earbuds

Quality of the sound really good. Noise canceling is also very good. Pairing it was very easy and straightforward. Extremely high and crisp output. Very sleek and stays in place. I didn‘t have to worry about it falling out of my ears. My review is based on it's performance in the music mode only and not the gaming mode.


These Apple style earbuds look great, but they sadly sound terrible. The biggest flaw a lot of these cheaper buds have is the lack of bass. These do have the bass holes in one of the sides (which helps bass more naturally reverberate in the ear canal), but there isn‘t enough there. Sadly this shape of bud really struggles to output bass because of the lack of seal compared to tipped designs.
The mids and treble also have a bit of a metallic sound to them. It's something that if you don't have a frame of reference for, you don't really hear, but it is there. It doesn't ruin the sound, but it can be annoying, especially considering cheaper sets of earbuds don't have this issue.

Really the only thing keeping this from being 1 star is the really *really* nice aesthetic they have going on with the diffused LEDs. They are super clean and bright, and turn off quickly to not waste battery or annoy you in a dark room. The packaging is also unique with how the buds and case are arranged.

So yeah, you could do worse, but this isn't bad.