Langsdom Theta - Half In-Ear Gaming Headphones

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About the Theta

Enhance your gaming experience with Langsdom Theta - Half In-Ear Gaming Headphones! Featuring a game mode and music mode, these headphones adapt to your needs. The dynamic lighting effect adds an extra touch of excitement while the crystal clear voice out ensures you stand out among your opponents. With an impressive 21 hour battery life, these headphones are ready for even the longest gaming sessions. Upgrade your setup today!





Transmission Range


Input Voltage


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Play Time

6 Hours

Customer Reviews

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Futuristic look, decent sound quality

When I wear these things, the glowing blue lights make feel like I‘m in a cyberpunk novel.
If your ears are shaped exactly like mine, these will be a great fit for you. They stay where I put them. For reference, Apple earbuds also fit my ears well. If, by some chance, they feel too small for your ears and fall out easily, you might want to try not cleaning your ears very well so some wax builds up in there and makes them stick in place a bit better. Luckily, as I said, they already fit me well, so I can keep my ears nice and clean.

I don't particularly like frying my brain with unnecessary RF signals, so I've never used any other wireless earbuds, hence I can't compare these with others on the market. However, they sound pretty good to my untrained, non-audiophile ears.

It is possible to hit the buttons accidentally when you're adjusting their position if you're not careful.

But for the price, I think these are the best brain radiating wireless earbuds you can buy. Once again, that's compared to the zero others I've tried.

Ok, bye.

Pretty decent earbuds for the price

These earbuds look like something out of Star Wars... However, they are not (bummer). I really like the design of the charging case and the earphones. The sound quality is good but could be better. I have plenty bass, mid-range and treble, however, the ranges do get a little lost or mixed depending on what music I am listening to, maybe I haven‘t quite figured out the switching between “Game mode" and "Music mode" that's on me... The Bluetooth 5.3 hooks up right away with everything I connect them to which is very nice. The six-hour use battery life is plenty, and they charge back up fairly quickly, so that's a plus. I have not yet used the phone calling features, but the music controls that I have used on these earbuds are very responsive and give me all the control I need to listen to my music.I do notice that the earbuds slide out of my ears easily (especially my left ear), that could be my ears' fault, but it would have been nice to have a selection of different sizes of silicone earpieces to customize to the individual's ears. When the earbuds start sliding out of my ears, the sound quality quickly goes with them.
In the end, these earbuds made it almost to third base... but there is still the opportunity to get the HOME RUN.

Sarah Plain and Tall
Works really well

When my son was listening to these he said they work really well. They do charge in the case when the case is charged up. They are shorter than ipods so be careful. They do light up when charging and are a little hard to get out of case. They are weird to grab since they are short and was pressing buttons to put them in. They connected to his android phone just fine. I got the white pair and look just like the pictures. Not sure how long they will last.

Best earphone that I ever brought

I didn’t expect to be that great. One single charge give me almost all day playing music. I enjoy the sound and the presentation is gorgeous. I’ll definitely recommends it to others people

basic ear buds

This is your basic set of cordless ear buds. Did not come with directions and the QR code link didn‘t work, but I was able to get them setup just fine with my phone (iOS). I charged them first; they charge while in the holder. Connected to bluebooth in my phonesettings and wore them while I did some yard work. No complaints. The range is pretty good; my phone was in the garage and I was able to go to the front yard with little to no interruption (approx. 50 ft).
*edit- found the instructions and charge cord in the false bottom of the package