Langsdom Theta Pro - Bluetooth 5.3 Wireless Esport Earbuds

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About the AIRFIT

  • 【Stylish Design】Langsdom Delta offers ergonomic comfort with a futuristic, minimalist case.
  • 【Bluetooth 5.3】Ensures stable transmission over 33-50 feet, superior sound quality, and hands-free calls.
  • 【Easy Pairing & Control】Auto-connects with touch control for hassle-free operation.
  • 【21-Hour Battery】Up to 6 hours per charge plus 15 hours with the case, ideal for travel and work.
  • 【Dual Modes】Switch seamlessly between low-latency gaming and high-fidelity music modes.

User manual Download↓

How To Wear And Use: Videolink





Charging Voltage


BT Version


Drivers Size


Earphone's Charging Time

About 1 Hour

What's In The Box?


2.Charging Case

3.USB-C Charging Cable


5.User Manual : Download↓

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
THETA PRO wireless earbuds

Exactly as described these THETA PRO wireless earbuds are great! They were very easy to pair up with my Pixel 6pro.they sound really well for mid-level ear buds.theyre pretty comfortable and stay in my ears while walking the dog daily.
the case holds a charge for atleast 7 days,that‘s with daily use of one earbud for 2 hrs.
Listening to music sounds great in these,but video phone calls sound a bit muffled &garbled at times.esp if the volume is turned up.
Overall these are a great set of affordable ear buds,they pair easily and quickly.
These would make a great gift for teens!

Good sound quality

There is a lot to like about the Theta PRO earbuds. First, and most important is the sound quality. I played a couple of my favorite Dylan albums (yes, I know that dates me) that I have listened to many times over the years. I was impressed by the bas, guitar work, and Dylans “unique" voice. The sound was as good as my over the ear JBL headphones. I played other familiar albums steamed from Apple music and though I am not an audiophile, was also impressed by the sound quality.
The "buds" were supplied with three sets of tips to fit different ear canals, a charging cord and a readable (you will need glasses) instruction sheet. The "buds" fit in a small, molded case and recharge using the cases internal charger. Flip open the case and blue LEDs light up indicating the buds are ready to pair via Bluetooth. However, they will not pair to a new device if they are already paired with another device. You will need to "unpair" the first device to then pair with the second device.

So, bottom line, sounds great, good fit and easy to charge. All in all, a high-quality set of earbuds.

No more ear pain

The sound and the quality of the sound are excellent for these I do prefer more of a bass sound which these give off. The big thing is after an hour my ears do not hurt which is a big plus. When I wear earbuds it‘s usually for a couple hours. The receiving of calls is crystal clear and comes in very well consistently. My caller can hear my voice very well also. There's no cutting out no static, so far so good. Easy to charge, I love the charging case although at first I must admit it I couldn't figure out how to put the earbuds in. Mind you I've only been using them for a week but they are doing better than most earbuds I use. Price point is pretty good too.

Light and easy to use

I love the lightweight charging case and long battery life. This style of earpiece does not fit in my ear as good as others that I‘ve used and that allows for some background noise. However overall, a great value for the cost.

Fantastic sound and stylish earbuds

This is a fantastic pair of earbuds delivering great sound. The design looks like something out of a video game. Pairing was simple with my Pixel 8 phone and also with an off brand Android tablet. You get a charging USB C cable, additional sets of ear tips, and instructions.