AIRFIT - Open-Ear Sport Earbuds

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颜色: Firefly green
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About the AIRFIT

Lightweight and comfortable, perfect for your active lifestyle. With excellent sound quality and a stylish design, suitable for running, fitness workouts, hiking, cycling, traveling, and everyday use.

User manual:Download↓



Bluetooth Version


Battery Capacity

55 mAh * 2 / 400 mAh

Sound Unit

15 * 11 runway horn

Charging Time

about 1 hour


Firefly green / Smart white

Passion for an Active Lifestyle

In the rhythm of your heartbeat and the tunes from your headphones, find the motivation for an active life with AIRFIT.Because with AIRFIT, we don't just listen, we live to the fullest.

AIRFIT, For Your Unique Hearing

we believe that every individual deserves a unique listening experience tailored specifically to their needs. Choose AIRFIT, because your hearing is unique, and your earbuds should be too.

Only 7g Ultra-Lightweight

Open-Ear Design for Health

Water-Washable IPX5

Up to 24-Hour Battery Life

Superb Sound Quality


Hours of battery life




Firefly Green:

This vibrant shade of green immediately grabs attention, radiating an energetic and lively vibe, perfect for users who love to stand out in a crowd.

Smart White:

A sleek and classic color scheme that can complement any outfit and setting while exuding a sense of fashion and modernity.

Firefly Green

Smart White


What's in the box?

1.Packaging Box


3.Data/Charging Cable

4.Charging Case

5.Storage Bag

6.User Manual : Download↓

What's in the box?

1.Packaging Box


3.Data/Charging Cable

4.Charging Case

5.Storage Bag

6.User Manual : Download↓

AIRFIT Your Sporty Life

Embracing the brand philosophy of "Freedom in Movement, Advancing in Health," we strive to provide users with an enjoyable sports audio experience. Our goal is to lead the [Music and Sports Lifestyle] trend, encouraging more people to cultivate healthy exercise habits for a fulfilling and joyful life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Son livianos, son cómodos, los puedes tener puestos por varias horas sin que te duela los oídos. La fidelidad de el sonido es buena. El volumen se mantiene en nivel saludable pues escuchar bien tu música sin sentir que te va afectar tu audición.

Chris Smith

First off, these Open Ear Headphones are exceptionally well packaged. This gives them a high quality feel. Aesthetically, these headphones look great and charged up quickly right out of the box. Charging case and cable all worked as expected. These headphones connected to my phone quickly and without issue. My only issue in using them to exercise was, they just weren‘t as loud as I needed them to be. Aside from this one issue, I really like these headphones and do recommend them to others if you are ok with a bit less volume.

G. Parks

I find the packaging rather excessive and wasteful but it is good quality packaging, almost impressive.
Yes, in ear buds do sound better. They do sound pretty darn good though. I‘m using PowerAmp EQ (android) with one of the Apple Airpod2 profiles, I did bump up the bass too.

They are really comfortable. Batterylife is better than my Jlab earbuds. The touch button area is responsive. They don't have volume control on the devices, you have to use your phone. I couldnt find an app for it and the QR code just led to a Chinese site with no options. So I guess no firmware updates for these, that's not super important for headphones as long as they work.

I have some concern about the charging pads being up against the skin. In the past I have had sweat kill earbuds, will see how these do.

Jeff Goeson

There are a lot of good things about these ear buds, and a couple issues.
- Once you figure out how to put them on, they stay well.
- Good moisture resistance
- Bluetooth 5.4, so they'll work for a long time
- Very nice charging case

- the control button is TINY, and has no click or anything to let you know it received your input, so I often hit it too mane times and made it do something other than what I intended (2 taps vs 3 taps)
- It doesn't go in your ear, but sits near it, so the frequency range is slightly better than an AM radio
- The finish of the charging case is REALLY slippery, so I dropped it a lot

A good set of ear buds for running or maybe to have on in an environment where you have to hear people while listening to your music, but isn't really good for working out or meditating.

Lee Copp

So these earbuds came in a fancy puzzle box package .. so I was a bit concerned. The tiny multifold instruction sheet was very hard to read (I hate this) . The control set is basically just pause /back and next track .. only it does seem to work for me.
Single Point Pairing (only) went easy and I tried the earbuds on. First try and they didnt seem to settle into my ear, so sound was faint. I messed around and finally got them to align in my ear.. WOW ..They sound GREAT.!!

Let me say that again .. They Sound great and feel very comfortable. Bass response is surprisingly good!

So if you are looking for a simple function, good sounding set of earbuds these may be for you.

Happy Days